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This website began slowly, reaching carvers both worldwide and from local northern New Jersey in USA, a marriage of worldwide carving and carving learned first-hand in USA NJ roots.
Editor and carver PR Drumm puts other carvers' works on this website to show the world, to encourage creative, intricate carving that is not just decorative but innovative, fascinating, and stimulating to carvers worldwide.
Google technology enables a computer user to receive this USA website in home language specified. For example, an Asian or European or Peruvian carver can click onto 'whittledwhimseys.com ' and get this website in home-language - truly worldwide Instant Information!
Now an Asian, European, Peruvian, etc. carver wherever in the world, city, village, or yurt, can email pictures of whittled whimseys comparable to these already shown, to 'whittledwhimseys.com '  We can all see and benefit from comparing notes on intricacy, innovative techniques, tools, sealers and finishes, etc. What area doesn't now have a computer somewhere? 


An exercise of the imagination and woodcarver’s skill, carved wooden whimseys are an art form in every sense of the word. Intricately carved balls-in-cages, puzzles and chains are the pinnacle of the whittler’s art. Today’s collectors and scholars recognize the imaginative power of these unique objects and value them as folk Art.

The pages to click on to: NEWS, CATALOG, ABOUT THE ARTIST, OTHER ARTISTS, E-BOOKS AND ART EDUCATION, and CONTACT, illustrate 20 examples of PR Drumm's interactive sculptures and tell how he carved them, with more to come.

Works by Teri Hislop are are shown and Teri tells how she carved them and how she teaches young people. Works by young artists are shown, and how they are learning is told in text and pictures that "pass the torch to the next generation". 

This is a generation of instant virtual information games and today's children are starved for things they can MAKE, things that utilize the opposable thumb that we primates inherited, the increasingly skilled use of which makes us not only handy, but crafty, canny, inquisitive and able to use sharp tools, an invaluable skill best learned early under skilled supervision.

Virtual information keyboards/games and text messaging pattern the mind in surprising ways we are learning. We already know from the works of outstanding artists what happens when good tools and good minds make stunning creations saved for us in museums to look at with awe. Awesome results are coming!

Browse through this website from wherever you live worldwide, whatever language you instruct your computer to use. Enjoy this new Age of Instant Information Worldwide. Send your comments and pictures, You may be our next featured artist!

Challenge us worldwide! 





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